Letter to a Disappointed Graduate

Dear new college graduate, I'm supposed to start off by saying "Congratulations," but I doubt you want to hear that right now. If I've understood you correctly, today doesn't feel like a victory to you. You say you've wasted most of the last few years. You've say you've been selfish, lazy, and unkind. You say …

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Millennials, Free Speech, and Analog Learning

I think it's past time to admit that the hostility we see from college students toward speech and ideas they dislike is a generational issue. I know this sounds like I'm encouraging stereotypes of millennials, and reasonable people are not supposed to talk about any group in that kind of systemic language (well, almost any …

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Why You Should (Probably) Major in Philosophy

Philosophy is difficult. But it is not very difficult. It's easier than calculus and a lot easier than physics. Philosophy is all about books, books, books. An enormous amount of the most important philosophy books you can read are public domain and therefore (legally) free. If you want to build a library on a budget, …

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