Liberalism’s Heretics and Our Gospel Opportunity

A new essay from me.

I have a new, lengthy essay at The Gospel Coalition today. It may be of interest to readers to who have followed my posts here about Jordan Peterson and the “realignment” of political and cultural struggles. This essay was several months in the making and I hope it makes a positive contribution to an important topic.

Here’s an excerpt:

The religious tone of this new progressive spirit should not surprise us. Augustine wrote that the human heart is restless for God, Bob Dylan sang that “You gotta serve somebody,” and David Foster Wallace observed, “Everybody worships.” It’s not a question of whether we will believe in a transcendent something or Someone, it’s a question of what that something or Someone will be. In an era in which many are comfortable relegating questions of religion to the sphere of “opinion” and “Whatever works for you,” the secular religion of politics reveals our innate need to discover the truth and impress that truth onto others. Secular progressives identify this truth as intersectionality, but Christians believe the ultimate truth is the gospel.

Read the rest here.

By Samuel D. James

Believer, husband, father, acquisitions editor, writer.

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