Latest Mere Orthodoxy blog: “Disappointed by Christmas”

A friendly reminder for those visiting this page that my main blogging has moved to Mere Orthodoxy. My latest, just posted, is a reflection for those of us who struggle in the days after Christmas. Here's an excerpt: The realization that it's possible to get exactly what you want and yet feel that hope has [...]

It’s the Great Pariah, Charlie Brown!

Scene 1: An online "journalism" site pretends to be utterly shocked to find that two evangelical Christians, hosts of a feverishly popular home renovation show, actually attend an evangelical church, pastored by an evangelical theologian. The site earnestly contends (with no witnesses) that the orthodox sexual ethics of the church's pastor are "controversial," and insists that [...]

A note of welcome

I'm terrible at making meaningful "welcome" or "About me" pages. But since this is the inaugural post at my Mere Orthodoxy blog, it's probably fitting that I take a second and offer some preliminary welcome and thanks. Firstly, welcome to this blog page. If you've followed me from my previous home blog at, a [...]