The Future of Football

At the New York Review of Books, David Maraniss surveys the ongoing debate over football's merits (or lack thereof). He evaluates the dialogue between two books, one by Steve Almond titled Against Football, and a response by Gregg Easterbrook called The Game's Not Over. The problem, Easterbrook argues, is not at the pro level but earlier, …

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The Ethics of a Planned Parenthood Sting

Count me in full agreement with the editorial board at National Review, who have just written in support of Center for Medical Progress chief David Daleiden and his video expose of Planned Parenthood. Calling the Daleiden's indictment by a Houston grand jury "dubious," National Review's editors contend--rightfully I believe--that this entire case reeks of gross …

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The Abortion Lobby Strikes Back

In what feels like a surreal turn of events, a grand jury in Houston, initially called up to investigate a Planned Parenthood chapter in light of the Center for Medical Progress's video expose, has instead exonerated Planned Parenthood and returned felony indictments for CMP head David Daleiden and another CMP employee. Harris County District Attorney Devon …

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